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I would like to have multiple accounts logged in Google Talk for Windows (poligamy). Is it possible?

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If you wish to auto-login in both accounts, here is the procedure:

  1. Download script gtalk_save_config.txt and rename it into gtalk_save_config.bat
  2. Download script gtalk_launch_both.txt and rename it into gtalk_launch_both.bat
  3. Login into Google Talk client under account 1
  4. Run script "gtalk_save_config.bat"
  5. Logout and login into Google Talk client under account 2
  6. Edit "gtalk_save_config.bat" and change GTALK_ACCOUNT_INDEX from 1 to 2
  7. Run script "gtalk_save_config.bat"

Each time that you want to start the 2 instances of GTtalk, run the script "gtalk_launch_both.bat".

Note : the "save" script must be re-run each time that you change settings in the Google Talk client (change password, ...)

Note : the script can also be used to automate switching of other settings, for instance HTTP proxy settings, if you replace "Accounts" by "Options" in the registry path.

Source: Launching 2 Google Talk instances under 2 separate accounts

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I discovered that the /nomutex command line argument can enable multiple concurrent instances of Google Talk.

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