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I'm using pidgin on both, windows and linux on several pc. To sync my log, I use dropbox. For linux, it's easy. Just a matter of symlink. However, I don't know how to sync it on windows, without manual copy-paste once I'm done on windows.

So, is there any solution to my problem? pidgin plugin, maybe?


As MarkM's answer, I did this to solve my problem:

  • backup and delete current log (it's located at C:\Users\{your user name}\Roaming\.purple\logs)
  • mklink /D "C:\Users\{your user name}\Roaming\.purple\logs" "E:\My Dropbox\somepath\purplelogs"
    • "C:\Users\{your user name}\Roaming\.purple\logs" is where you want your symlink at
    • "E:\My Dropbox\somepath\purplelogs" is there you have your dropboxed logs.
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Windows also supports symbolic links, though it's sparsely documented. It only works if you're on Vista or 7.

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Lucky I'm on windows 7. I'll read it. – ariefbayu Feb 23 '11 at 7:09

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