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In windows prompt i am launching an app. I'd like to see the error code it returns. How do i display it?

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You can also use an IF command to take different actions based on the value:

IF %ERRORLEVEL% LEQ 1 goto okay
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As a test i wrote calc then ECHO %ERRORLEVEL% after closing normally. Do i need to set it to 0 each time or something? Why am i getting 9009? which is DNS server not authoritative for zone. from what visual studios error lookup is telling me. – acidzombie24 Feb 23 '11 at 6:00
@acidzombie24: Errorlevels are set by the individual program and don't correspond to Windows API exit codes. When I ran calc just now, I got a 0. Running a non-command-line program isn't going to set the errorlevel at the command line. What you saw was the one for an earlier command. – Dennis Williamson Feb 23 '11 at 6:25

I guess you are running the batch file from the RUN utility in Windows.

Try this

runapp.bat > c:\outputlog.txt

This will allow you to review the output and see if there are any error messages. Alternatively, fire up Command Prompt and run the batch file from there directly.

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