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As far as I know windows has this feature. For example .DS_Store is hidden in osx by default. I want to make .pyc files hidden too, or *.tmp files..

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Windows does not hide files with certain extensions. Explorer only hides those with Hidden or System attributes. – grawity Feb 23 '11 at 13:14
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OS X hides files and folders that start with a dot '.', by default.

There are 3rd party applications to hide other files too, like MacHider

I'm not aware of programs that do this, but you can always try to find more on google.


I found another solution, in Terminal:
chflags hidden file/folder

This hides the file or folder from Finder. nohidden restores the visibility.

You could make an applescript, which hides all .pyc files in current folder, and add it to your toolbar. Or you could just run the command to recurse your whole filesystem (though that's generally not a good idea)

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