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I'm a Firefox user with a giant screen (i.e. tiny pixels) and I like to zoom in on pages to get a bigger font for reading articles. The problem is, hitting control-plus zooms in the whole page, making all images look gross. Is there a trick or plugin or something for just bumping the font size on "content-like" areas of the page?

Is something like this available in any other browser?

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PS: I already know and love and use Readability, but sometimes I just want to bump the font size in-page rather than stripping out all but the content. Maybe I'm just being picky :) – nicolaskruchten Feb 23 '11 at 15:01
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My version of Firefox (3.6.13) has the option View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only

When I select this option then hold down the CTRL key and roll the mouse scroll wheel, it zooms only the text portion of the page.

I just checked in IE8 and it has a View > Text Size option though it doesn't seem to have quite the same range for enlarging the text.

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Cool, hadn't thought to look for that actually. Ideally this would only apply to the 'content' area of a page but that's a very difficult thing to heuristically look for... thanks. – nicolaskruchten Feb 23 '11 at 21:05

There are several great zoom addons for Firefox - I think you'll like Zoom Page

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