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I have a Windows xp desktop with two network cards. One connected to a public unsecure network and the other connected to a secure LAN. I want to force an application to run on the unsecure network while leaving the secure LAN connection enabled. Is this possible and if so how secure is it?

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I'm guessing a virtual PC should work for this.

One virtual PC software which might work: Virtualbox. In Chapter 6 of its user manual it discusses networking. The Bridged Networking option would probably be the way to go.

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I don't know if a virtual machine is the way to go. I have two separate ethernet connections coming into two different cards simultaneously so they are already connected to both networks I just want to force Skype to go out over the unsecure connection and not the LAN connection. Plus I want this to be as seamless as possible for the user. Instead of using a VM I would just teach them how to disable the LAN connection which I don't really want to do either. If anyone has any other ideas I would really appreciate the help. – msmithnl6 Feb 24 '11 at 18:22

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