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What is the best tool for recovering deleted files in hard disk for Windows 98?

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Losing files on a Windows 98 machine is a sign from the heavens - get a new machine with a modern OS! –  David Heffernan Feb 23 '11 at 20:33

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Using Windows98 is quite a restriction to finding the right program. If what you want is only recovering the data, attach the HDD to another computer with a more recent Windows version. Then you will have more applications.

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I would recommend GetDataBack for FAT, supports Windows 95 through Win7 and works great.

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+1 - I didn't realize that GDB still supported Win95! –  afrazier Feb 23 '11 at 20:27

First of all, do not install anything to that hard disk. Every time you write anything, you risk overwriting your deleted files. You have better odds if you shut down your Windows right now, and do not boot from it.

As said already, it's much easier if you can move your disk to computer with more recent Windows version. For Windows 98 there isn't so many applications available (uh, it's 12 years old already).

Your filesystem is FAT32, so you can use for example Recuva or PC Inspector. Both programs are free.

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Take a look at Smart Undelete and File Recover. Unfortunately, both of them are paid.

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