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I'm looking for a music player for my Ubuntu Karmic desktop. I need the following features:

  1. supports multiple playlists
  2. remembers the playback position (file and time) for each playlist
  3. preferably, remembers playback position even when the process is killed
  4. lets the user adjust playback speed, without changing the pitch

I don't care if it's a GUI or command-line player or it uses a client-server model.

I've tried Rhythmbox, which doesn't have features 2., 3. and 4.

Which player would you recommend?

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That sounds more like a semi professional audio software than a musicplayer. but i am interested, too. –  matthias krull Feb 23 '11 at 21:10
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Since I couldn't find such a player, I implemented one for my own use as a Python script, which supports playing .m3u files, and calls mplayer with the proper -ss value to resume playback where it left off last time. Get it from http://raw.github.com/pts/mplaylist/master/mplaylist (project page: http://github.com/pts/mplaylist).

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