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Whenever I start MacVim, through Finder or through Terminal, I receive the following error:

E575: viminfo: Illegal starting char in line: c/gui_mac.txt
Press ENTER or type command to continue

I have reinstalled multiple times. I found the only gui_mac.txt on my System (as far as I know) here:


Its "Last Opened" date is August 15th, 2010, which is several months before I even installed my operating system. I didn't edit it!

I searched Google for the error in quotes, and I didn't receive a single result. The closest bit of info I've been able to find is here, and it isn't very useful.

What is going on?

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Darn it. The link I provided did provide the correct solution. I have never touched my .viminfo file, so I don't know how an escape character got in there.

In short:

Deleting the contents of my .viminfo file resolved the issue.

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