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Is there emulating software to run or emulate OS X on a Windows or Ubuntu PC. I am writing a python script to make a friend's job easier(with her company's ok) and while it's supposed to be multi platform, I would really like to try it out before hand. However she has a Mac and I have only Windows or Ubuntu.

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Lifehacker has an excellent guide on running a virtualized OSX inside Windows with Virtualbox.

I've tried it and it is good enough for anything that doesn't involve graphics acceleration.

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Oracle Virtual Box and VMware will boot OS-X images

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Could you please give a bit more detail on the procedure involved? – oKtosiTe Feb 24 '11 at 12:37
sry try [link] [link] – AndyM Mar 31 '11 at 12:39

If it's only a fairly small script, the best way to test on OSX would probably be to run it on your friend's computer - just make it clear that it will be the first test on OSX. Unless you're doing things that are highly platform-dependent, Ubuntu will probably be close enough for testing during development - even Windows might suffice. The only suggestion I would make is to check what version of Python your friend's Mac is running. - OSX ships with a relatively old version, and doesn't update it automatically. Either update it with an installer from the Python website, or develop to the version already installed.

Even if you do get a copy of OSX and run it in a virtual machine (which, depending on where you are, may be a violation of OSX's licence), you'd still need to check things like where your friend has installed any dependancies, so you're not really saving yourself much time.

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