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Can it be a factor? I have a 24 Mbps line, and around 12 computers connected to the modem using 2 switches, and no cooling. Its India, and summer. I lose connection every 10 minutes. The DSL light is on constantly, and I have tried 3 different modems, including complaints to the ISP (BSNL, in case you ask), to check the line quality. Is temperature a factor for dropped connections?

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It could be. It's not unusual hardware reboots/shuts down if it gets too warm (as a safety precaution).

If your router gets too warm and reboots, it'll drop all connections (and most probably it'll be offline for short time).

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+1 - temperature is a factor with any and all hardware, period, ever. – Shinrai Feb 24 '11 at 15:20

Definate issue. Are the switches and modem stacked? Often see this issue in Canada when modem is stacked on router and/or on switch. Heat rises and something stops working.

One other possibility. Are the devices on a UPS? Have seen brownout send a modem or router into a "hung" state.

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