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Thing is, I don't have a clue of Linux systems, I usually use WinXP. Bought a notebook with SuSE 11 on it, because I have my XP licence and thought I could install that if I found the chipset drivers for the hardware (which I'm not completely sure I have the right versions of).

Then I thought I'd give it a shot with the SuSE, looked nice enough. But I can't get my external hd to work (tried force mount) and the banshee doesn't do anything like playing video. Since that is one of the two main purposes of this notebook, I need to get that to work. Tried downloading VLC player, but that only works with SuSE 11.1 upwards. So I downloaded a SuSE 11.3 and burned the iso. But surprise, no way the notebook would boot from cd. Same with the XP cd (considered setting up a dual boot). And no, I can't get to BIOS to reset to default, either.

So I can basically do nothing else than going online with this thing and that's not enough for me (gamer in withdrawal, yikes!). I need at least to get to my firefox profile on the external hd and be able to watch video.

Can somebody please help me? I think at this point I'd prefer to install XP and MAYBE the SuSE 11.3 after that. I'm not a native speaker, so please speak plainly, thanks. :)

Edit: if this is impossible, could someone please help me with the external hd mount and video playback?

Edit: Found out how to boot from cd by now. But still no XP, because I get bluescreen after bluescreen while setup is loading files. I guess it's the missing SATA drivers...

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need some more info to help you out w/ the hd mount. what is the results from running dmesg|tail after plugging in your hd? What is the output of running fdisk as root? what command are you trying to run to force mount? How as the external HD formatted (NTFS, FAT32?...)? What file format are the videos in that you are trying to play? – g19fanatic Feb 24 '11 at 19:47

Thanks for trying to help! Found out a couple things that helped me, but it's still so complicated, that I decided to install Seven (yes, cd boot works now) and from there make a XP with SP3 slipstream cd (cos I need winodws programs to do that) and hopefully get that to run.

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