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When I'm using Chrome I have to hit the Windows key whenever I want to show the taskbar.

Is there a way to prevent Chrome from hiding it in the first place.

On every other application when I move my cursor to the bottom of the screen the taskbar (which I have set to auto-hide) appears. Only Chrome requires me to press a key to see it.

On occasions when I have to use items on the taskbar frequently, it becomes a pain to have to press the Windows key every time.

I Googled on this and found someone who managed to fix this issue by applying a theme to Chrome from the Themes Gallery. This didn't work for me.

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You are using Google Chrome in full screen mode, the task bar is unavailable there. Press F11.

Alternative, you could have this problem: Google Chrome: Always On Top Bug

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Tom. I had the same problem and it's been plaqueing me for days! I read your answer pressed F11 and Wella problem solved! Now that's how problems should be solved by "TRUE" professionals! – user132296 May 4 '12 at 16:34

Right-click on the taskbar and make sure Lock the taskbar is ticked.

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