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Now I'm in process of contract negotiation with a private company. They sending me the contract, I'm making some changes and then sending back to them for verification. Now they asking me to explain every change I done, but I can't remember them all. MSWord's diff tool is displaying too many useless changes, and I can't "ignore" some of them manually.

I guess I need something similar to KDiff tool, but with these extra features:

  • the ability to comment some differences between 2 versions of a text file.
  • the ability to ignore some non-significant differences (for example, changing hyphen into dash, or removing multiple spaces)
  • the ability to create an HTML or PDF report with explanations about changes.

Can you recommend some tool for my task? (freeware is preferred)

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SmartBear CodeCollaborator does that stuff, but it's not free. However, they've occasionally offered specials for a limited 5-user version of CodeReviewer for as little as $5.

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