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I've attempted to use some DNS services like OpenDNS, and no matter what I do the DNS queries don't return the expected results. Watching the packet traffic on my firewall, I can see the queries go out to the intended DNS server address and responses coming back, but the results are not as expected, for example, the OpenDNS test page always fails even though the requests appear to be going to their servers.

I suspect my ISP is intercepting DNS queries and sending them to their own servers. Is there a way to verify this? Is there something else I might be missing? I'm using 3G wireless service from Sprint.

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FYI, it may be against the terms of service on a wireless agreement to use different DNS! You should check. – Shinrai Feb 24 '11 at 22:33
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Call them and ask?

From a thread on the OpenDNS forums (dated Feb. 2010):

i spoke with Sprint today.

here is what the guy i spoke with on the phone told me.

"yes, sprint is redirecting DNS on port 53" (obviously we, at opendns,know this) "yes, even for static accounts"

Apparently there may be a firmware upgrade for your Sprint device that allows OpenDNS usage, according to a linked PDF from Sprint in that same message.

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Thanks, and it looks like I'm out of luck. Time to switch ISPs. – Nack Feb 25 '11 at 2:03

Try timing some DNS requests that you think are going to different providers, like OpenDNS and Google. If they are identical they must be being picked up and served by the ISP (faulty logic, but possible). One way this can be done is using Namebench, commonly used to pick the best dns server for your connection.

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