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I upgraded from Windows XP SP2 to SP3. Now, I cannot create DVD disks. The option to initialize a blank disk disappeared (no longer there when I right-click on the drive in My Computer). Any suggestions how to get that ability back? Thanks.

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You should try using the software that came with your dvd burner to burn dvd's. Or better, use other free software such as Imgburn or CDBurnerxp. Many more listed here:

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I am very sorry that I can not help you as I can not test this easily. If you want to go down this route, I hope someone else will come along with a good answer. However:

For burning disks, I would highly recommend ImgBurn (Available on Ninite for quick installation).

It works very well and allows you to perform many disk operations.

Alternatively, if you just want a very light weight solution that can look like it is part of Windows / a standard file operation, take a look at ISO Recorder

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