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In Outlook, when I am click on send/receive button at that time I am able to receive email.

But when my Outlook is running in the background I am not able to receive email, and the send/receive process of Outlook continues, but doesn't complete all tasks going on in the send/receive process.

I also set automatically (notification of new mail) send/receive process in background.

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In Outlook 2010 (though I'm not sure but it should be similar in Outlook 2007)

(1) click send/receive tab -> click send/receive groups -> all accounts group -> on a new send/receive groups window -> select the schedule an automatic send/receive every n (a number between 1 and 1440) minutes check box.

(2) If you want, you can specify a schedule for send/receive when Outlook is offline. Under When Outlook is offline, select the schedule an automatic send/receive every n minutes check box.

enter image description here

enter image description here

you can find more info at this Outlook Help and How-to page

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