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During playback of AVI file in WMC 7 there is a delay of about .5 sec in audio compared to video. Does anyone know of a way to tweak (maybe reg hack), the audio play back, like you can in vlc and other media players, to compensate for the delay?

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Tutorialsroom suggests VirtualDub:

  • Open your video file in VirtualDub by dragging and dropping the file on the program.
  • Click on Audio -> Interleaving or press (Ctrl + I) on your keyboard.
  • Now in Audio skew correction text box type a value in millisecond (1000 ms = 1 second) following the instructions: Use positive values if audio is playing too early or negative values if the opposite is true.

    alt text

  • Click Ok and don't forget to Click Video -> Direct stream copy and Audio -> Direct stream copy because we do not want re-encoding here.

  • Click File -> Save as AVI or press F7 on your keyboard and save the file.
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Thanx for the answer! I'm more interested in adjusting the delay during dynamic playback, since when I play the file in vlc for e.g. the audio IS in sync, it's just the media player in msft that introduces the delay. So if I could just tweak the audio in msft player that would be awesome! – Greg Aug 19 '09 at 17:53
Let me see what I can find, though I think it's going to be difficult to find :( – Ivo Flipse Aug 19 '09 at 19:28

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