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I have XBMC Live installed on a USB that I can boot directly in to on my laptop. Is it possible for me to run a version of portable utorrent simultaneously with the XBMC Live on the USB and set it up so that it downloads stuff while I watch pre-saved content on XBMC?

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Disclaimer: I have XBMC Live installed on a Zotac MAG, so I'm not running it off the USB key. I haven't tried this... it shouldn't hurt anything, but i'm not sure if it'll persist between reboots or not.

You might be able to run apt-get install utorrent from a console on the XBMC machine when booted off the key. You'll need to use ctrl-alt-F1 - ctrl-alt-F6 to change TTYs to an available console. the user and password should be xbmc/xbmc.

Here is a site that describes how to do something similar with SABnzbd+. You might be able to extrapolate some more data from it.

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