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I'd like to remap Caps Lock to right click - for the cases where I can focus on objects with cursor keys, or tab.

For instance after selecting files in Finder I'd like to push Caps Lock and get the contextual menu you'd get on right click.

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You can use this keyboard driver to assign a regular key code to caps lock (e.g. enter, something you probably don't use -- it's not the same as return).

A more complete reference of known key codes than the one in the screen shot on the site is here — although they're for AppleScript, they should be the same, with Escape having the code 53 in both cases.

Use QuicKeys to create a script that is invoked when you press your hotkey.

Click + to create a shortcut. Add Step » User Actions » Clicks » Click. Configure to right-click without holding, both Click Location and Release Location being 0/0 relative to the Mouse.

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Click Location and Release Location being 0/0 relative to the Mouse. So then, focus will be wherever your mouse pointer is, not where you focus with the keyboard, so you need to touch the mouse anyway? – pax Jun 10 '11 at 12:00

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