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I have Windows XP as an ISO file on a USB stick and want to make it bootable.

Which Linux software do you recommend for doing that?

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try LiLi usb creator or unetbootin. If you tell us which distro you want we can point you to a specific piece of software or guide.

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If your BIOS supports it, a bootable ISO can just be copied directly to the USB disk with e.g. dd.

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If you are looking to install Windows XP from the flash drive to a computer (say a Netbook with no CDROM) then this guide is for you:

Adapting this to Linux shouldn't be too difficult.

Another useful thing - I bought one of these for all my USB ISO booting:

Just copy the ISO files into the _iso folder and select it on the display with the thumb button, and it mounts a virtual ISB CDROM drive! The most awesome bit of kit I ever bought.

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Pendrive is by far the best software for booting to a USB stick, and it is free and fast. It will easily make your drive boot to Windows, Linux, a boot CD (like Hirens or Ultimate) and can also do multiboots. I have my 16GB SanDisk set up to boot to Ubuntu, and Hirens Boot CD, and from Hirens boot CD (10.1) I can access the built in copy of XP. I used the method here but you can also use the method here if you only want Windows.

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