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A professor at the university asked me if I could install some software for him on his laptop that runs SLES 11. I'm not familiar with SUSE (I typically work with debian based machines) so I'm having some trouble finding/installing some software.

Here's the list of software he needs installed:

-xv (plotting software)

Can someone point me toward some rpms for the above-mentioned software?

I tried looking for the packages with YaST, but I haven't had any luck.

The repositories I have listed include:

and the install DVD.

Am I missing a repo?

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It looks like those packages aren't included with SLES but are included with openSUSE. You can download them via the package search function of the openSUSE website. – Patches Feb 28 '11 at 7:20
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SuSE's equivalent to APT is called YaST. You can access the graphical tool (SuSE's equivalent to Synaptic) by selecting YaST from the System menu or by running yast on a command-line or by pressing ALT+F2. Then, select Software Management from the Software tab.

Those applications should be included with the software repositories offered by Novell.

If you know the package name, you can install from the command line just like you can with apt-get:

yast -i package-name
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