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I like to see my filename extensions, but i find the ".app" at the end of every application to be a bit of overkill. Any way to enable them all except that one?

Still an issue in Lion. Was wondering if anyone had anything to add to the topic.

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I don't believe so, but there is a project called SIMBL which allows you to modify cocoa apps to your liking. There is also a project which uses SIMBL called totalfinder, which doesn't do what you want but is nevertheless a wonderful tool for finder. Im sure though, if you were motivated enough, you could write a SIMBL plugin that would do what you wanted.

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Can't mark this as the answer, since it doesn't do what the question is about, but I gave you +1 for pointing me toward a really cool utility! – mmc Feb 27 '11 at 20:11

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