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I'm adding keyword metadata to a set of images in, MacOS 10.6.6

I can select multiple images and create a keyword using the Keywords window.

But when I save, all but one image is deselected and the keyword info is only applied to that image.

I would prefer not to use iPhoto, so I don't have to

  • add images to it's database
  • create an album or event

Is there a way to do this in Preview or some similarly lightweight way to add keywords to a set of images at once?

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Preview is not AppleScriptable, and there's no Automator action to do this.

If you have Aperture, there's an Automator action to apply keywords to images.

MacMetaMod is a third party droplet application that can apply keywords to selected files.

enter image description here

MacMetaMod uses ExifTool internally, which can probably be wrapped in a Mac OS X Service. It can be used from Terminal directly though:

exiftool −keywords+=newkeyword test.jpg
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MacMetaMod was just what I needed, thanks. – willc2 Feb 27 '11 at 10:17

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