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I would like to generate a series of search folders in Outlook 2007, so that I can quickly view all emails related to a specific email domain.

Using the query builder, I've created criteria for

+- To contains:
+- From contains:

The 'To' part works, as it finds all the emails that I've sent, but the from part doesn't.

If I replace the From clause to include the full name of a person at the domain e.g. Fred Bloggs ( as follows:

+- To contains:
+- From contains: Fred Bloggs

Then this works as expected, but I don't want to have to list all the possible people that might email from the domain.

There must be an easy way of doing this, that I'm overlooking?

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I've figured it out, (although I'm not sure why 'From:' doesn't appear to include the senders email address).

The way to achieve this is to simply select 'Mail from and to specific people', rather than going into the query builder.

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