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I love Xournal, but sometimes I make notes and I don't like creating new pages.

Is there a way to have a continuous length page or infinite page, similar to how spreadsheet in Microsoft Office expands as you add entries?

I'm on Ubuntu.

Are there other good alternatives to Xournal?

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You've probably tried this already, but you can make the page size whatever you want (Page > Paper Size).

I tend to go in multiples of what I am working on, so if I am using 11x8.5, and I need more space to the right, I'd double it to 22x8.5.

That, combined with zooming in for adding more details, is enought to get the major benefits of infinite canvas.

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You can set Xournal to use continuous mode (version 0.4.8), just like a roll of tolet paper. Also there is horizontal continuous mode. See the View menu.

Infinite mode would be problematic when exporting notes to PDF or printing them.

Are there other good alternatives to Xournal?

None :(

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