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Can I direct user to a specific folder depending on what domain they requested?

I have several domains at, lets say and In my default web folder i have two sub folders, one of each of the domains. Could I in any way redirect them to the correct folder depending on what domain they are trying to browse?

If it matters i have set up ISS7 with PHP :-)

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Yes and no...

Easiest method - if you control the server, set up a different site with a different host header for each site you want... For example:

enter image description here

If however you can only have a single site, I would recommend using a quick and dirty ASP file as follows (Copy and paste for each domain required):


eds = ""
eds2 = ""

if request.servervariables("SERVER_NAME") = eds or request.servervariables("SERVER_NAME") = eds2 then


end if


For example, renamed the variable eds and eds2 to be unique for each site and change the headers to what you want the site to respond to... then change the eds and eds2 in the actual detection if loop, and finally, change the response.redirect to whatever page/folder you want. In this example, it will redirect to the default.htm document in the edward folder.

Hope this helps and I have covered two possibilities for you.

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