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I'm currently working with many video editing programs, which have conflicts with their components (Pinnacle, Avid, Premiere, Corel Video Studio, and others).

Could Sandboxie slow down my workflow or the rendering process if I use one of those programs inside a "SandBox"?

I think when I use many "memory hungry" programs, my system could slow down. I also know Adobe Premiere is possibly the best, but I just want to know if using Sandboxie could affect my work.

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I had no idea sandboxie had a purpose other than for surfing suspicious websites... – im so confused Jan 30 '13 at 5:36

Sandboxie could considerably slow down your rendering process.

From their FAQ:

Why are so many files copied into the sandbox?

When a program accesses a file, it declares what operations it plans to do on the file: if it plans to read from the file, to write the file, to change its attributes, and so on. Whenever a program declares any kind of write access to a file, Sandboxie copies it into the sandbox. In some cases, programs declare they intend to write to the file when in fact they do not, but nevertheless Sandboxie must copy the file into the sandbox.

So it is more of a case by case basis, since it is unpredictable whether Sandboxie will copy a file into the Sandbox or not for any given application.

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