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Hello I had my Windows 7 DVD with me, and I had earlier copied all the files from it and dumped them into a folder on my computer's hard disk. Now I want to burn a bootable DVD from this dump, how can I do that?

Can somebody help in creating a bootable DVD to troubleshoot a problem on my Windows 7 system. I went on a vacation earlier and lost my original Windows 7 OS DVD, now I only have the dump.

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You will not be able to proceed easily as you will not have a copy of the system files required to make a disk bootable.

What I would personally recommend you do, and what I would do in that situation:

  1. Copy all the files you do have to a blank DVD and/or USB stick (I would do USB).

  2. Burn a Windows Vista or Windows 7 System Repair disk - Available in Backup and Restore

enter image description here

Then, boot up using the System Repair disk, at the options, choose Command Prompt. Navigate to the USB stick or DVD drive and run <drive>:\sources\setup.exe.

Setup runs much faster from a USB stick and I think this method is the easiest / best way for you.

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Hello Wil, the problem is, my windows 7 instance is not running at all. It gives me an error which says winload.exe file isn't available and I need to put in my windows installation disc in :( – macha Feb 27 '11 at 21:29
It is quite a long way round, but it should still work and be legal - I would recommend getting a trial of Windows 7 - and then performing step 2... The disk may install a trial version of Windows, but it is the fully working Windows PE you care about - It will let you run setup from another disk or USB stick or you may have luck running the recovery tools from it just repairing your installation. – William Hilsum Feb 27 '11 at 21:40

If you didn't copy the boot sector then you will not be able to make a bootable DVD with just the files off the disc.

I would recommend downloading an ISO of your Windows 7 DVD from the internet. They're available online, or you can torrent your version. There's no problem doing this, since you have a license for Windows.

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Sorry taspeotis, appears the both our sites links are the same. – Moab Feb 27 '11 at 22:54

Download a copy of W7 here, use it to do the repair, be sure to select the correct version and bit level

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Assuming you have another working computer you should be able to use RTSe7en Lite to create a bootable disk from the source you have and repair the install from there. I've not tried this though.

Moab's suggestion is guaranteed to work.

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