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i have a text file where each line looks like this:

<img border=0 width=555 height=555 src=http://websitelinkimagelinkhere>  

each line is like that for like 1500 lines, i want to sort of 'grep' (i dont think that will work because it returns the whole line) each line for 'http://websiteimagelinkhere'
output file should have newlines or tabs after each image link, like the original file.
or if someone only knows a way to do this with each element being in a cell of the same column that would be okay too.

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There is grep -o that returns just the part you are looking for. – Eelvex Feb 28 '11 at 1:11
Why did you tag the question [microsoft-excel]? There's nothing about your question that has anything to do with that. – Dennis Williamson Feb 28 '11 at 1:14
@dennis: i left out the word excel from the last sentence but that was what i was referring to. – fightermagethief Feb 28 '11 at 1:34
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If it's one per line:

sed 's/.*src=\([^>]*\)/\1/' inputfile

should get it.

Are there quotes around the URL? If so:

sed 's/.*src="\([^"]*\)/\1/' inputfile

If you have GNU grep:

grep -Po '.*?src="\K.*?(?=">)' inputfile

Leave out the quotes if there aren't any around the URL. The grep version will work even if there are more than one URL on a line.

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If you want to use Excel to put each element in its own cell, then use Data > Text to Columns….

Then use -space- as a delimiter. In your example, you'll end up with five columns in each row.

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