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I have Fedora Linux 13 64bit system. I use System Monitor to check which process is taking how much memory and cpu. Normally I have dozens of Chrome and Firefox windows open. The Processes tab shows which process is taking how much cpu/ram resources but I unfortunately there is no option like right click and make the window active that matches the PID (the one process that I have currently highlighted). Usually there is a chrome process taking up 30 or 40 percent of CPU while dozens other chrome processes taking much less cpu. I must determine which chrome window ( or any application which has multiple instances running) is taking that much CPU time. So can some one help me to solve this problem?

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Try the xprop command. After running xprop, click on whichever Window you believe is taking up the CPU to find out it's PID.

To narrow down the information it spits out, try:

xprop _NET_WM_PID

to get the PID specifically.

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