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I have this problem. There is an udp video stream accessible only on the local network, but I need to access it outside of the network. I have Linux machine (multiple actually) with root access.

There is a small utility that makes the stream accessible on the local machine on port 1234.

./ping -h streamserver -p 1234

If I run it I can access the stream using vlc or mplayer.

mplayer udp://@:1234
vlc udp://@:1234

Now, I'm trying to create a port foward from my remote machine and access the port, but it is failing.

ssh me@machine -L 1234:

Any tips what I'm doing wrong?

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See this similar – heavyd Feb 28 '11 at 11:44
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The problem here is that SSH is only capable of port forwarding TCP connections. The protocol you are interested in is UDP.

This article: shows one method (using DNS as the example) around the problem by encapsulating the UDP in TCP first.

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Hmm. I still can't get it working. I make the ssh tunel: ssh me@machine -L 6666: Then I run socat on the remote machine: socat tcp4-listen:6666,reuseaddr,fork UDP: and then on local socat -T15 udp4-recvfrom:1234,reuseaddr,fork tcp: – Let_Me_Be Feb 28 '11 at 12:02

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