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I'm trying to use a 56K modem to make a phone call, so I need to know if it's a "voice" modem.. According to Wikipedia, if a modem answers the AT+FCLASS=? command listing an 8, it means that the modem is a voice modem. In my case though, I get the following:


Here it says that "8.0" is "voice view", but what does it mean? Is this something more that a voice modem, or something less?

share|improve this question gives you some useful commands you could try out. AT+VSM=? should list all the voice codecs the modem supports. If it returns a list of codecs then this modem will handle voice.

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That command returns ERROR, so I think this solves my problem, thanks :) But still I'm wondering, what is this "voice view"? – Joril Feb 28 '11 at 12:58

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