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In I found that many of my emails are forced to be:

Content-Type: text/plain;

with the charset changing depending on what characters are being used in the email. I am confounded because I have set the the message format to be 'Rich Text' in the preferences.

The reason for this is that I don't want my messages to be clipped at the 75 column mark (which many of the seem to be). At first I thought this was because I was using GMail as my SMTP server so I tried to force the output to be Rich Text. I prefer using plain text but want my email flowed since I do a lot of formatting text by hand, and sometimes line-breaks make the text less readable.

How do I force Mail to flow the text and not chop it? Here's a copy of the raw headers in my 'Sent' box. Mail displays this as flowed, but you can see that it's chopped in the raw source. Screenshot

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Don't trust how it looks in your Sent Mail folder. Can you paste into your Question (or on or somewhere) a copy of full source of a message, as received on another machine? Also, that version of the Apple Message framework is out of date. What version of Mac OS X are you on? Does the problem persist with the latest version of Mac OS X? – Spiff Feb 28 '11 at 18:40
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As far as I can tell, the clipping that I was seeing was being forced by the receiving client; the actual default behavior for leopard mail is to flow the plain-text. If you're seeing that your sent plain-text email is not being flowed it's probably an issue with the receiving client.

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