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I would like to create a new collection of fonts in Font Book for all my monospace fonts (so that I can choose them later in other apps more easily) but I can't figure out an easy way to do this. Suggestions?

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enter image description here

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That doesn't necessarily contain all the monospace fonts. It's just a predefined collection added by Apple. – user495470 Mar 3 '11 at 3:24

Uh, how many do you have? It shouldn't be too hard to just select them manually.

  • Default monospace: Monaco, Menlo, Courier, Courier New, Andale Mono
  • Default not monospace: American Typewriter
  • Other common monospace: DejaVu Sans Mono, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, Lucida Console, Consolas, Droid Sans Mono
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I have a lot, and I am getting more. Besides the ones you listed I also have Inconsolata, Droid Sans Japanese, Droid Sans Slashed, and probably more. I like fonts ^^ – ceiling cat Mar 3 '11 at 4:02
Yeah, I've also made my own monospace font based on Monofur... I've split my /Library/Fonts/ into subfolders, but I stopped keeping collections because it's so annoying to update them manually. – user495470 Mar 3 '11 at 12:10

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