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I have a rule set up in MS Outlook 2007 that I do not want to run automatically, but I do want to run sporadically by hand. I would like to expedite that "by hand" process as much as possible. Is there a way to make it so I could have, say, a button in my toolbar that runs the rule?

Basically, there are certain kinds of message (automatically generated by another server) that I want to see in my inbox when they arrive, but do not care about once I've seen them. Some of them are even so trivial that once I have seen the title, I want them cleared away to an archive. Every time I feel like my inbox is too cluttered with these, I go to the Tools menu, Rules and Alerts, Run Rules Now, find the rule I want, click its checkbox, click the Run button, then click Ok twice when it's all done. I would love to boil that process down into a single button click.

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You could either:

  1. Add the Run Rules Now... menu item to your menu (Via Tools|Customize); or
  2. You could write a bit of VBA to run a specific rule (see here: http://pyrocam.com/how-to-run-outlook-2007-rules-from-a-button/)
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The VB scripting sounds like exactly what I want. Thanks. –  amacleod Mar 3 '11 at 4:09

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