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I read that the installer can handle encryption easily, but I don't want to reinstall.

TrueCrypt apparently can't encrypt a partition in-place and will require a format.

I've looked around at some tutorials using dm-crypt and apparently this requires a format as well.

I would prefer to use a built-in (provided by the kernel) system for encryption instead of third party tools (like TrueCrypt).


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I've done this as I've detailed in the following thread (not really what I asked, but the closest approximation):

I read about the ecryptfs solution and it didn't seem something very desirable or enough low-level. I ultimately used dm-crypt/cryptsetup/luks as described below.


  • Resized down the existing /home partition

  • Created a new encrypted partition

  • rsync -a the files to the new partition

  • Deleted the old partition

  • Made the new partition the new /home

  • Then I encrypted the swap partition:

Information at the following links also helped:

Now one question arises:

Can I do the same thing for the root partition? Will it just work? Do you expect I might encounter some problems?

-> And no, you shouldn't try that for the root partition unless you know what you're doing. But it is entirely possible - though it might result in an unbootable OS (IF you don't know how to avoid that).

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