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It prints :

"Last login: Tue Mar  1 17:19:48 on ttys000 ly-lanceedemacbook:~ lancee$ "

when I login terminal on my Macbook with networking.

But sometime go like this :

"229:~ lancee$"

random numbers, Is there any hackTools working within the local area network? or means what?

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What does echo "$PS1" say? What about grep 'PS1' ~/.profile ~/.bashrc /etc/profile? – Dennis Williamson Mar 1 '11 at 10:46
If PS1 contains \! then the "random number" is the command history number. – glenn jackman Mar 1 '11 at 15:06

Could it be that one of the networks you visit hands out hostnames that "reflect" your IP? I´ve seen this in practice before, where the hostname auto-assigned to your machine essentially is eg. 154.local (or given a DHCP-provided IP of . Since you obviously use \h and not \H in your PS1 you would then only seem to have a random number as a hostname. Network Admins tend to do that to shorten the amount of repetitive numbers they have to type (and various other reasons).

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