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I just got one on newegg that is 20+4 pin, but I need 20 pin. I thought since it says 20+4 instead of 24 that I might still be able to use it for a 20 pin connector? Or is there a converter I can get? It looks like 4 of the pins can be detached at one end. Is that right?

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Normally that is what 20+4 pin means, it can work with either 20 or 24 pin socket on the motherboard.

Some of the 24 pin connectors you can slide off or unclip 4 from one end, its hard to see sometimes, look close. When you buy a new 20+4 PSU sometimes they are joined already sometimes not.

If you get a 24 pin only, use an Adapter (Example link only, they can be bought cheaper other places)


enter image description here

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