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I'm trying to use the lastest version of a certain development tool and it's sort of difficult to use on a 1200x800 display. Using VMWare Fusion, I can set the screen resolution inside a VM to 1900x1200 on my 13" MBP and it's still usable. Does anyone know of a way to force Mac OS X to scale it's resolution? I tried ScreenResX and it said the scaled resolution was "invalid" or something like that.

I know that there are only a certain number of pixels on the screen. I'm only asking how to scale, not set a legit resolution. My current hack solution is to run Snow Leopard Server in a VM with resolution scaling.

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Mac OS X resolution independence isn't advanced enough. Even the Quartz Debug application included in the developer tools doesn't support scaling factors below 1.0.

The proper way to do this seems to be getting a bigger or higher-DPI screen.

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Unfortunately I can't put a better DPI screen in my laptop without voiding the warranty hardcore, but your answer is accurate nonetheless. – wjl Mar 3 '11 at 3:32
while you can't put a bigger screen in your laptop, your laptop should have a monitor output which would allow you to plug in a higher resolution display – lunixbochs Mar 5 '11 at 19:02

I found out that Mac OS X Server can be virtualized, and had for only $99 (the cost of a Mac dev license). Provided Xcode runs on Server, this seems like the best solution we have for now.

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