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I want to download HTMLs (example: and join it to one HTML or some other format that i can use on ebook reader. Sites with free books don't have standard paging, they're not blogs or forums, so don't know how to do some automatic crawling and merging.

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You can use Calibre for you ebook converting needs. You can get it to make a single ebook of multiple HTML files by linking to them from a single HTML file you setup as a table of contents like this.

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I'm using Sigil for conversion to EPUB, but didn't know that Cailbre can make one ebook from bunch of linked htmls. I'll try, thanx! – Hrvoje Hudo Mar 2 '11 at 10:30
You can use to download the webpage(s), then use Calibre to convert them all to an ePub format. – 에이바 Mar 21 '11 at 18:47
My process is (using Chrome) to use the Instapaper Text bookmarklet to clean things up a bit, then right click -> Save As, choose to save as a single web page, HTML Only, then open this in Calibre, convert to EPub, then use the Edit Book functionality to tidy up any additional messy bits of markup that get pulled in. – El Yobo Jan 30 '15 at 11:24

Pandoc can take a link to a page (or a html file) and convert it to pdf/epub ...

I'm not sure if it'd crawl. If it doesn't, you could crawl pages first with wget or something (or just collect links) and give it to pandoc.

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You can use and the pocket recipe in calibre accessible via the "Fetch news" menu.

enter image description here

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