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I use pidgin for all my chatting, and all my regular contacts are available in pidgin roster.

I also use Launchy to launch a bunch of things.

As a logical consequence, I wonder if it is possible to start a conversation with one of my contacts from launchy, say, by hitting "pidgy [TAB] Contact name", like I already do for, as an example, PuttY

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  • open launchy (Alt+space)
  • open Options (Ctrl+`)
  • go to Plugins tab
  • select "Runner" from available plugins
  • click the plus button to add a new runner and fill in the fields "name", "program" and "arguments"
    • "name" -> whatever you want to type in launchy to start the conversation (eg. jacob)
    • "program" -> the path to your pidgin.exe (eg. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Pidgin\pidgin.exe)
    • "arguments" -> pidgin arguments (--protocolhandler=xmpp:*jacob123*

That's it. Now when you run launchy and type in jacob (or whatever) it will open a conversation. The protocol handler above is for Google Talk. I've only ever tried it for talk. Gor anything else you'll have to figure out what the argument should be.

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Using windows 7, the simplest solution to start a conversation without showing Pidgin main window is, too my mind, right-clicking the pidgin icon, then selecting "New message ..." and entering contact name in window.

This is not as good as Launchy, but it does the job quite decently.

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