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On Windows 7 there is a Presentation mode, which can be turned on using the Windows Mobility Center (press winkey-x to open it). The Presentation mode disables the screensaver, screen dimming, changes wallpaper etc.

Is there a build-in alternative for Mac OSX ?

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I suspect you can use applescript to do this if you need it to be "built-in". However I use a free app called caffeine:

which does this, and I've made two additional applescript apps so I can control caffeinating and decaffeinating my mac using quicksilver. As a coffee addict I love seeing the cup of coffee in my menu bar too :)

tell application "Caffeine"
    turn on
end tell

tell application "Caffeine"
    turn off
end tell
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Since you're scripting it, have you found a way to remove the icon completely? Replacing the image resource file just isn't good enough. By the way, with one-liners, you can do tell application "Caffeine" to turn on. – Daniel Beck Mar 4 '11 at 18:06

Short Answer: No.

But you could give AirPort Location a try. With this menu extra you can define "Snapshots" (configuring a lot of settings from screensaver to desktop background to brightness of the screen) and activate them either manually or even by your current location (as determined via Wi-Fi or connected Devices, etc..).

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