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I'm using Chrome, on my wife's laptop. Opening chrome takes only a second, as it should. But as soon as I click on any of the thumbnailed sites (, as an example), I have to wait. There's nothing in the browser indicating that it's loading, other than appearing in the URL.

I got curious, and started running WireShark to see what might be causing the slowdown. That's when I noticed the following entries (after I clicked the link):

21  7.971612 DNS Standard query A pazkytgbcc.lan
22  7.972368 DNS Standard query A krxzlmahld.lan
23  7.973469 DNS Standard query A idbjtwdafg.lan
24  7.989505   DNS Standard query response, No such name
25  7.990754    fe80::401e:5f23:4885:605    ff02::1:3   LLMNR   Standard query A pazkytgbcc
26  7.991031   DNS Standard query response, No such name
27  7.991580 LLMNR   Standard query A pazkytgbcc
28  7.992852   DNS Standard query response, No such name
29  7.993054    fe80::401e:5f23:4885:605    ff02::1:3   LLMNR   Standard query A krxzlmahld

then later

89  12.818203   NBNS    Name query NB PAZKYTGBCC<00>
90  12.818324   NBNS    Name query NB KRXZLMAHLD<00>
91  12.818401   NBNS    Name query NB IDBJTWDAFG<00>
92  13.568167   NBNS    Name query NB PAZKYTGBCC<00>
93  13.568337   NBNS    Name query NB KRXZLMAHLD<00>

notice that these are repeating "hosts" from the A queries above. Any idea what's causing this? How do I fix it? This makes browsing terribly slow, and my wife is getting frustrated. I've tried adding these entries to the hosts file (which, Vista makes incredibly difficult), but to no avail. The hosts seem to be different each time, and I see no standard pattern.

I've run Spybot against her machine, and she has AVG installed, and it comes back clean. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The computer looks in the local network first. But the DNS servers are not found. After they fail it searches the internet. Look in the hosts file of windows for the servers and delete the hosts or comment the lines. Take a look here to find the hosts file: – Darokthar Mar 2 '11 at 14:09
Actually, the DNS server is found, but it returns no result, because there is no such domain pazkytgbcc.lan. I know about the hosts file. My problem, is how to make it stop running these queries. – Glen Solsberry Mar 2 '11 at 14:13
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It looks like the random looking domain queries may be a feature of Chrome. See this also.

I'm not sure why these queries would hold up web browsing unless Chrome specifically has to await a response. Other than that, the most likely suspect is your DNS.

Try doing ipconfig /all at the command prompt to see the what order the DNSs are listed.

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If it is your DNS have you tried using a different DNS server? You should be able to use and or really any other free DNS server to check if that's really the problem.

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I've tried using other DNS servers. Same results. – Glen Solsberry Mar 2 '11 at 14:12
@gms8994: Are you just adding the extra servers to the bottom of the list, or are you putting them at the top? Usually when you have the delay, it's because the first DNS is timing out. – Satanicpuppy Mar 2 '11 at 14:35
You didn't say you checked other browsers, do they work as expected or are they all slow and produce these messages? – Jeff Mar 2 '11 at 14:35
@Satanicpuppy If there's a way to add them other than through the GUI, I have no idea; but I'm specifically setting the servers to use to – Glen Solsberry Mar 2 '11 at 14:38
@Jeff I haven't checked other browsers, as Chrome is her primary browser. Once I'm back on the machine, I'll check others as well. – Glen Solsberry Mar 2 '11 at 14:38

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