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I have recovered a CCTV camera hard disk after a crash and have managed to get most of the data using EasyRecovery Pro. The problem is now that all the data that I have recovered appear like File09.JPG with and image icon in windows XP, but the files can't be viewed in any JPEG viewer software.

I suspect that the .JPG files are indeed folders, but I can't force windows XP the change the file type.

Very Odd.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Hoo

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Is it in raw format? – Zoidberg Mar 2 '11 at 23:18

What format does the camera record in? Maybe it is supposed to be something else.

Use a hex-editor (HxD is a good free one), to open some of the files and check that they are indeed JPG files (they should have the JFIF header).

Also, try running the files through a file-identification tool (a good, free one is TrID), to see exactly what file-type they are.

Finally, you could try using a different file-recovery program—you didn’t wipe the drive did you?—(a good, free one is Photo-Rec). Open the drive in Photo-Rec, select JPG/AVI/(or maybe even all) for the file-type setting, and let it find the files for you (make sure to select a different drive to recover to).

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Thanks a lot Synetech. I'll do as you suggested and see what happens. The camera records in JPEG and then stitches them up to make a movie. Hi Zoidberg, I did a raw recovery if that's what you mean. – user69933 Mar 3 '11 at 0:01
@user69933, no, Zoidberg was asking if the camera saves images in RAW format as opposed to JPGs: – Synetech Mar 3 '11 at 1:34

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