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Vim comes with a script that is supposed to make it behave like an advanced version of less.

As per this blog article, one can use vim as a pager by setting up this alias:

alias lessv='/usr/share/vim/vim71/macros/'

However, if I do this on windows:

type console.aspx |vim -u "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim73\macros\less.vim"

Vim just kind of hangs there and does not respond to keystrokes. I have to kill the vim process to get my command line back. Is there a way to make this work on windows?

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You have to create a DOS batch file equivalent of macros\ The macros\less.vim file is just a set of macros that remap keys to make Vim behave more like less; macros\less.vim has to be read by Vim, not executed by itself.

I don't know enough about batch file programming to give you a complete solution, but this much will handle the case of reading the output of a pipe:

"C:\Program Files\Vim\vim73\vim.exe" --cmd "let no_plugin_maps = 1" -c "runtime! macros/less.vim" -

Put that line into a file named less.bat. You may have to change the path to vim.exe for your installation, or replace it with just vim.exe if vim.exe is in your PATH.

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