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I have an ipod classic 160gb, that I sync with my machine at home.

I use Linux at work, and want to just plug my ipod and just listen to the tracks, with all the playlists and such. I don't want to sync nothing, I just want to listen to the tracks as if I was using the ipod itself.

Why? Because this way I can use the usb port.

So, I don't want to manage my ipod in Linux, I just want to listen to the tracks on it in Linux, like it was a local library but it's instead in my ipod.

(I've tried gtkpod, it works to show my files, but I can't play, shuffle, etc. It would be interesting to have a complete audio software to handle everything like it was a local library)

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With Rhythmbox, while you can also manage your ipod, you can simply browse it and play from it.

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It works, but I needed to plug my iPod and select "open with rythmbox" in the windows that appeared in my Ubuntu. If I just open rythmbox and try to add the ipod it just doesn't work. You can edit your answer to add this information. – Somebody still uses you MS-DOS Mar 4 '11 at 17:33

Amarok will play directly from an iPod.

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