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Hello what are the ftp commands for uploading files to server. Using windows command prompt.

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Try this site : http://www.nsftools.com/tips/MSFTP.htm

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Install Windows PowerShell or WinSCP.

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Open Windows CMD, type ftp and and these commands:

ftp> open 123.4.567.89
ftp> user ftp_username ftp_password
ftp> cd folder1/folder2
ftp> binary
ftp> send C:\uploadfile.txt
ftp> disconnect  
ftp> quit  
  • 123.4.567.89 is the IP of your FTP server
  • ftp_username is the username to login on your FTP server
  • ftp_password is the password to login on FTP server
  • folder1/folder2 is the path on your FTP server where your file should be uploaded to
  • C:\uploadfile.txt is the path to your local file which should be uploaded

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