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I'd like to run RealVNC 3.3.7 without window decorations without using the -fullscreen option. My system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 running GNOME. Is this an Xt option, a Metacity option, a GTK option, what? Is this something I can even control externally without modifying the GUI application?

I thought this would work but it doesn't appear to have any effect:

vncviewer -xrm '*wmDecorationWidth:0' :1
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It mostly depends on the window manager. (Although it can be controlled by GTK, in the end it's up to the WM.)

If you use Compiz, I believe you can specify exceptions using CCSM.

Metacity does not have such an option.1

1 The wmii window manager comes with a tool called wihack, which is able to override the window type of a program.

For example, wihack -type toolbar vncviewer. Even though the tool is part of wmii, EWMH window types are used by most window managers including Metacity.

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