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I just got this idea in my mind...

I can have say myhome1.dydns.com for free. However I have my own domain right now, say mydomain.com. My domain pointing to a linux server w/ cpanel managed by my self.

I really know about domains, IPs, nameserver, A record etc... but I dont have any idea to update my dynamic IP.

How can I use dynamic DNS service like dydns but using my own domain like myhome1.mydomain.com for free or any workaround like design small app tu update etc...?

Note that when I try to add domain in dydns, I need to buy either a domain, DNS service or email routing.

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You would need to create a CNAME like: www.mydomain.com which points to myhome1.dydns.com.

This will give the intended results:

  1. Request for www.mydomain.com -- server responds to re-lookup myhome1.dydns.com
  2. Request for myhome1.dydns.com -- goes to dyndns, which returns your home IP
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Agreed - I do this all the time. I'll typically setup CLIENTNAME.homeip.net - and create a custom CNAME subdomain for each client, so I can easily reference their hostname for VPN. client.mydomain.com –  Charlls Mar 4 '11 at 21:45
Why I can't think of the CNAME before. Its Working. Great! –  CallMeLaNN Mar 7 '11 at 3:48

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